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Sunday Night

Doors open at 4:45 pm - Ticket sales start at 4:45 - Admission sales start at 4:45
CARRY OVER COVER ALL STARTS AT 5:30 Early Bird starts after the COCA

Regular game prizes are based on attendance 125 or more admissions sold = $150.00 prizes

Admission: All game strips are sold individually, no packages.
We also have GOLD cards that pay double!
Gold cards $3.00/strip
Free $100.00 Shotgun Coverall
(extra Shotgun cards $.25 each)
  6 cards $  6.00 36 cards $11.00

5 $10.00 DOOR PRIZES



12 cards $  7.00 42 cards $12.00
18 cards $  8.00 48 cards $13.00
24 cards $  9.00 54 cards $14.00
30 cards $10.00 60 cards $15.00

No Bingo Brains


Game prizes are subject to change depending on the number of admission tickets sold.
Bring a friend and help raise the stakes!

(You must have an admission ticket to purchase Lucky 7 tickets)

Conveniently located near Rt. 93 Exit 3


JACKPOT! Here is a list of our current jackpots available (ending Dec. 21, 2014)

Carry Over Cover All (starts at 5:30 - sales ends at commencement of game) Consolation prize $100.00 min. $   6,802.50
Big Dogs - Lucky 7 ticket (Bonus increases $500.00 per box) $   5,500.00
Long Shot Dog Race - Lucky 7 ticket (Bonus increases $200.00 per box) Congrats to our $2000.00 winner $           0.00
Pink Diamonds - Lucky 7 ticket (Bonus increases $200.00 per box)

$   3,800.00

Here's what's going on at our game

September, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $23,923.00 (Average attendance 64)
August, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $30,482.00 (Average attendance 67)
July, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $36,956.00 (Average attendance 69)
June, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $36,161.00 (Average attendance 70)
May, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $42,992.00 (Average attendance 75)
April, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $31,850.00 (Average attendance 75)
March, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $39,678.00 (Average attendance 75)
The Crossing LIFE Church hosted a New England Boiled Dinner on Friday March 14th. and 15th. and 16th., the food was delicious as always and a real bargain!
Saturday March 15th. at 4:00 PM, stay and play Bingo for Miss NH 
February, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $33,300.00 (Average attendance 66)
The snack bar continues to provide good food and low prices! The spaghetti dinner was excellent! If you missed it, you missed a great meal at a good value or even free if you brought a guest. The church also raffled off a $50.00 gift certificate for T-Bones.
January, 2014
Bingo and Lucky 7 prizes paid: $32,500.00 (Average attendance 67)
Fresh paint and improved lighting in the non-smoking area have greatly improved the appearance and feel for the gaming area.
December, 2013
We had live music performed by a member of the Crossing LIFE Church, singing holiday themed songs and accompanied by his guitar. Some of our guests chimed in and a good time was had by all. The kitchen continues to put out quality products for very reasonable prices.
November, 2013
A MAJOR improvement was made at the hall this month. Problems with the heating air ducts were identified and repaired. The cold drafts were eliminated and the hall is toasty warm!
Our November attendance averaged 67 guests per game (we had to close Nov. 24th. due to a power failure caused by high winds knocking a tree down on to a power line) but we paid out over $7,900.00 in Bingo prizes and over $10,000.00 in Lucky 7 ticket prizes. Come join the fun and share in the prizes!
October, 2013
Improvements continue! Many are not visible and have more to do with the infrastructure. The snack bar continues to add new items (homemade chicken soup was excellent).
We may be a small game averaging 78 guests per game but we paid out over $10,000.00 in Bingo prizes and over $30,000.00 in Lucky 7 ticket prizes in October. Come join the fun and share in the prizes!
September 29, 2013
Improvements continue as the exterior of the building gets a new coat of paint and landscaping improvements are implemented. The kitchen continues to add items to the menu such as chili, chili-dogs and home made apple crisp. Customer reviews of the quality and pricing of the items have been very favorable. The air quality in the smoking section is noticeably much better now that the smoke eaters are working properly and with some creative air flow techniques.
September 15, 2013
No news tonight... Miss America on ABC
September 8, 2013
IMPROVEMENTS! The seating in the non-smoking gallery has been upgraded to comfortable padded armchairs and the smoke eaters in the smoking gallery have been repaired and are working extremely well. The owner is working on insulation, air-flow and wall improvements and the new snack bar is receiving rave reviews. Last week's specials included combo dinners for $4.00! Your choice of chicken or egg salad in finger rolls (2), hot dog, sausage dog or hamburger, plus a bag of chips and a can of soda for $4.00! There were plenty of cookies and pastries for the sweet tooth as well. The coffee has been reported to be excellent! It is definitely worth a trip to the snack bar! Outside, the weeds have been pulled and the bushes trimmed. There are bright cheerful flowers on the steps and in the entry way. If you haven't been to our game lately you should plan a trip to see the improvements and to take a chance on winning over $10,000 in prizes!
September 1, 2013
Our Bingo hall has been sold! The Taylor family owned and operated our Bingo Hall for a very long time, around 40 years and 3 generations of their family involvement. The hall was sold in August to The Crossing LIFE Church of Windham, NH. The new owners have agreed to maintain the hall for Bingo games and have started renovating and upgrading the property and the concession. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with the new owners.
The Miss Derry Scholarship Program thanks the Taylor family for their past support and commitment to their community by providing this venue enabling many non-profit organizations the opportunity to raise funds to support their causes.

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The "smoking wall" places a physical barrier between the smoking and non-smoking area. We can accommodate about 150 players on either side of the wall.




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